TCC Concept

International Standard

TCC provides world class facilities and is committed to deliver finest quality dental care using latest state of art technology. We assure you providing with comfortable, pleasant and anxiety free environment. Our office is well equipped with ultramodern and internationally approved materials and equipments so that patient care is at the maximum. We strictly adhere to the international protocol of infection control and sterilization to protect our clients from the risk of cross infection. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to assist you with any queries you may have. To give you best possible services and results, we are committed to continual education and learning. You will receive extraordinary service and individualized care that is unsurpassed. TCC is an ISO 9001:2008 certified hospital.

Facilities TEETH Care Centre
Sterilization Room -TCC adheres to stringent 7 step sterilization protocol that meets ADA and CDC guidelines

-TCC has a separate sterilization area to minimize the risk of cross
contamination and ensures the safety of patients.
Audio Visual Patient
Education Room
This new concept of Audiovisual patient education room provides an effective way to improve patient understanding concerning treatment and gives an idea of final outcome.
Private Operatory One and only Dental hospital in Ahmedabad which is committed to deliver high quality dental services to patients in private rooms with single treatment units that provides clean and sterile environment.


TCC believes that when new dental technologies are being introduced everyday, it doesn't make any sense to stuck in the past. So, we have an ultramodern dental office equipped with advance and latest technology. At TCC, we use dental applications, materials and equipments manufactured by leading and renowned companies from around the world to ensure that our client receives the highest possible standards of dental care available today. We are equipped with advanced Computerized Software, Digital Imaging Systems which gives maximum benefit with minimum harm to our clients. We also accomplish Nanotechnology for the greater comfort to our clients. We are proud to bestow the audiovisual facility for patient education so that our client can easily visualize the final outcome of treatment before the treatment starts. We associate ourselves with the renowned and top quality laboratories from across the globe for our dental work.

Dental Treatment Unit -TCC is the first hospital in Gujarat equipped with high quality and advanced Japanese technology Belmont treatment unit with FDA and CE Approvals

-It is the No.1 treatment unit in U.S.A that provides perfect dental care with exceptional patient comfort.
Digital Imaging TCC uses Digital Imaging system of Durr Vista Scan, a leading way in diagnostics from Germany which offers upto 90% less chances of radiation exposure and has an advantage of high resolution images for detailed diagnostics.
Sterilizer TCC follows the highest level of infection control by using the most trusted all over the world innovative class B autoclave MelagVaccuclave 23B+ from Germany to ensure 100% protection against microorganisms and does rigorous testing to ensure adequate margin of safety.
Suction system This powerful Durr VS1200 suction from Germany provides a clean and noise free environment. Being one of its kind in Ahmedabad, removes infectious debris and aerosols from working area which thereby improves treatment outcome. It is also combined with a separator which drives away harmful chemicals like mercury.
Ultrasonic Cleaner To ensure that every patient is treated in with the highest standard of sterilization, TCC uses the latest Biosonic UC 125 ultrasonic cleaner from U.K that removes all the microdebris from instruments and cleans all the inaccessible areas before sterilization process.
X-Ray Unit Radiation being a health hazard, TCC takes utmost care for valuable clients by using ultramodern Carestream DC X-ray unit from Canada that reduces radiation exposure upto 90% and produces high quality images.
Treatment Light Our Dental Chair incorporates Faro Light from Italy having the brightness of 3000-35000 Lux for perfect shade matching and enhanced aesthetics.
Loupes Our dentist, at TCC uses magnification loupes from Carl Zeiss, Germany during treatment to assure accuracy while giving diagnosis and for doing precision work.
U.V Lights TCC has U.V light purifiers (Philips, Netherlands) in all premises that ensure disinfection by killing harmful bacteria from air.
Water Purification A TCC, patient’s health and well-being is first priority. All the treatment units uses clean water processed under RO+UF+UV+TDS Control which thereby eliminates the chances of stagnant water in chair and prevents the risk of other infections.
Endomotor Densply, USA
Ultrasonic Scaler Satelec- France
Curing Light Bluephase Style, IvoclarVivadent– Liechtenstein


TCC is an environmental friendly dental hospital which emphasizes on our clients dental wellness. We integrate green practice effectively and efficiently in various aspects which include office design, furnishings and dental processes to make our client’s experience serene and tranquil. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with personalized dental care in a placid, relaxed environment that promotes general wellbeing and health. Our patient’s overall health is extremely important to us so we provide eco-friendly dental care by using-

  • Biocompatible dental materials.
  • Less hazardous x-ray system
  • Environmentally sound disposal of waste
  • Steam based sterilization
  • Energy efficient compact lights.
  • Cloth in operatory and sterilization instead of disposables